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CTS/ CPC Certification

  • Wednesday, March 09, 2011
  • Burnett Staffing Training Center



Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC), Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (CTS) and those who aspire to either of these designations know that they represent the individuals who set the tone for a profession by striving for excellence.  Certified professionals are guided, certainly, by business sense and legal principles but more importantly by a recognition that true success only comes to those who conduct themselves in accordance with the highest ethical principles and standards. 


The CIC Immersion Class is designed to educate prospective certificants in the “body of knowledge” contained in NAPS legal manuals and “prep” individuals for the CPC or CTS examination in the most effective manner possible.  The curriculum is built upon the NAPS legal training manuals and the faculty for this unique workshop will be comprised of experts from the legal, education and staffing profession.  Those that pursue the credentialing via a CIC enjoy a near 97% pass rate.

Once you have obtained your NAPS Certification, it is yours for life, as long as you complete the continued education and training and submit to NAPS.

UPDATE!! Attend one certification class and send a second employee at a 50% discount.  LUNCH will be provided during the training.

or Call NAPS Headquarters at (706) 531-0060


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