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Benefits of TSRSA Membership

The Texas Search, Recruiting, and Staffing Association (TSRSA) is Texas' only association specifically dedicated to the recruiting and staffing industry in our State. There are many benefits that come with membership: 

Health Benefits Plan

TSRSA members are now eligible for a low-cost health benefits plan. This plan allows owners and managers of firms from all sizes to provide health benefits for themselves and/or their employees. Whether you are a single owner/operator or have a team of 20 or more, you can sign up for this health benefits plan. This plan is administered through our Affiliate Member Kerrie Spriggs with The Tuit Agency, and is available only to TSRSA members. Here is a flyer explaining the plan options. 

Education & Training 

With a focus on industry best practices, TSRSA provides training for firm owners, managers, recruiters, and staff at all levels. Training topics include best practices on recruiting, sourcing, and business development for full desk recruiters at all levels. Management and Owner-focused training helps firm managers learn new ways to grow their teams and businesses. With a slate of local, regional, and national speakers, TSRSA strives to provide a robust education program that focuses on building value for firms and individual members. 

Cost Savings

One big goal of TSRSA is to help member firms save money on a variety of expenses. The Health Benefits Plans available to members is just one example of that. Members also get discounts on printing, office supplies, rental cars, moving expenses, and other goods and services that are beneficial to staffing firms. We are always on the hunt for new cost-saving options to continue to add value to the TSRSA membership.  

Networking & Industry Recognition

TSRSA has always offered exceptional opportunities for members to network with others in the industry. Our annual awards luncheon - in it's 40th year - has been a staple of recognition and networking for recruiters across our region. TSRSA remains steadfast in striving to provide opportunities to celebrate and connect with others in the staffing and recruiting industry.     

Owner & Manager Events

We recognize that firm Owners and Managers face a unique set of challenges in today's marketplace. To help our member firms, TSRSA offers specific events and information specifically for firm managers and owners. Whether it's a webinar on managing remotely, recruiting new team members in a tough market, or allowing owners to come together for an Owner Only Happy Hour, TSRSA hopes to provide a platform to allow owners and managers the chance to network, learn, and grow their companies. 

If you want to join TSRSA, fill out the Membership Application online!

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