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TSRSA is affiliated with the National Association of Personnel Services and thus all members must abide by the following code of ethics:

  • Responsibility to the Community - BE a contributing part of the community through participation in community activities. SERVE as a reliable source of information on matters pertaining to the employment field.
  • Responsibility to the Candidate - STRIVE for the right of every individual who wants the dignity of work to choose his field or endeavor and utilize his abilities and talents for his own fulfillment and the good of his country
  • Responsibility to the Employer - REPRESENT the best interests of the employer by acting as an effective extension of the employer's recruitment effort and respect every confidence entrusted by client-companies.
  • Responsibility to the National - ENGAGE actively in preserving the free enterprise system as essential to a continuation of the Nation's growth and strength.  COOPERATE in local and national efforts to maintain a high level economy through reduction of national levels of unemployment.

When TSRSA was founded, the first objective listed in the bylaws was, to promote and encourage high standards, efficiency, conduct, and ethics of the personnel consulting industry by means of study, discussion, and education regarding business activities and responsibilities.

To help accomplish this goal, TSRSA adopted the Standards of Business Practices which established guidelines for relations with employers, candidates, other private personnel services, and employees. It also provided standards for general topics such as advertising, service charges and collections. A business practices chair was created by the Board of Directors to handle inquiries, complaints, and arbitration issues brought to the attention of TSRSA by the public, as well as members and non-members of the Association who are engaged in the personnel industry. TSRSA also established an ongoing educational program which included monthly meetings for the general membership highlighting speakers and trainers that focus on the varied interests of the membership.

Today, as the membership continues to diversify, it is vital for the organization to maintain a pulse on the needs of members. Surveys are conducted to identify personnel consulting needs regarding legal updates, new techniques and the latest technology. Additionally, training sessions to prepare individuals for national certification
examinations are conducted locally to encourage participation. Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (CTS) exams sponsored by NAPS are conducted twice a year. They cover laws and business practices that pertain to the personnel service industry.

TSRSA also sponsors an annual awards program which recognizes top performers in the categories of direct hire placement, blended services and contract/temporary services. This encourages a spirit of friendly competition and offers recognition for participating members of TSRSA.

Over the years, TSRSA has been a generous contributor to charities and civic concerns. TSRSA continues to evolve in response to the growing needs of the public, to industry dynamics, and the needs of staffing industry professionals.

To further accomplish the goal of increased professionalism and to facilitate cooperation between member firms, TSRSA has adopted rigid standards of ethical practice that all members have agreed to follow. These standards ensure that TSRSA members conduct their businesses in a legal, ethical and self-regulated manner that honestly serves the dual consumers of private placement services. Should disputes arise, TSRSA has Ethics and Arbitration Committees to resolve the issues without unnecessary and costly litigation. TSRSA members are dedicated to helping all people, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, age or handicaps, in their search for gainful, satisfying employment.

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