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Danny Cahill and Jen Lambert’s Closing Time

  • Wednesday, June 15, 2011
  • Royal Oaks Country Club
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Recruiter Session

8:30 am – 10:00 am = Danny Cahill

Becoming Client Centric: A Crash Course on Empathic Closing and Higher


Danny will make you:

  • HR Centric: They have more power than before and there’s no going back. Yes, they can kill deals, yes they have budgets and therefore juice, and no they don’t like you much. Get out of denial and learn to deal!

  • Biz Dev Centric: Scripts that get calls back. Your Live Connect ratio will improve the very next day you are back at your office. We will also show you how your website can become its own biz dev tool, and how to source jobs in nontraditional ways.

  • Submittal Centric: Clients want to see MORE people. The average recruiter waits too long to present good people, plays God with marginal people, and sits on their hands waiting for emailed fee agreements to come back. (HINT: THEY AREN’T COMING BACK!) Danny walks you through Auditioning, Testing, and his infamous “Raising the Rhetoric” exercise.

  • Objection Centric: Most recruiters who come to our office have one way of overcoming objections. They cave. The others are using rebuttals developed 50 years ago, when the industry was in its nascent form, at a time when the recruiters would call getting objections “a drag”…Can we at least learn to forget all rebuttals pre, “Bummer, Dude.”?

  • EndGame Centric: 25% of recruiters believe clients should make the offer. At our last retreat 50% of attendees said they did no formal prep of clients Pre Offer. We walk you through the methodology used by Danny’s firm for handling compensation issues, qualifying our candidate’s competition, and for altering offers and start dates as required to close the deal. Your clients should be scared to death of making a move without you, right now it’s the reverse, and you feel left out because you are…

10:15 am – 11:45 am = Jenifer Lambert

Close All Candidates You Want!

You’ve scoured the planet, run Boolean search strings until your eyes crossed, used every social media app available, even seemingly hundreds of cold calls, and you’ve finally found THE ONE. This is the candidate you’ve dreamed of in what precious moments of REM sleep you’ve managed to squeeze in since you began this search. This could be the sort of difference-maker hire that will have your client nominating you for Recruiter of the Century…if you make the hire.  Plus, admit it, you’ve already calculated the commission and spent most of it.


All of your sourcing skill means NOTHING if you don’t close the candidate, yet too many recruiters don’t have a repeatable process or methodology for closing high-value candidates. If you’re a contingency recruiter, you don’t get paid until the candidate is hired. Contingent or retained, if you fail to land the high-value candidates you bring to your clients, you  don’t get invited back to the dance. In this session, Jen Lambert will teach you the start-to-finish, recruiting call-to-acceptance process that will allow you to go close all the candidates you want without relying on four-leaf clovers, high-pressure tactics or manipulation. Less than 3% of her job offers get turned down, and it’s not by luck.



Owner/Manager Session

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm = Jenifer Lambert

Redeeming Greatness!

Most of what you’ve been taught about management is wrong.  From outdated command and control systems to new age philosophies that encourage you to help each of your employees get in touch with their inner child, neither is effective.   You became an owner or manager because you had a vision of greatness for yourself and for your team but now you find yourself swinging between dictator and daycare director and wondering where the fun has gone.  What’s worse, your employees are wondering the same thing.  In this session, we will identify management myths that may have become stumbling blocks on your path to greatness.  I will share with you a management system that anyone can implement to achieve higher per desk averages, retain top performers and weed out the weak before they derail your dream.  Leading your team to greatness is not only possible, it’s a mandate! 


2:45 pm – 4:15 pm = Danny Cahill

Hiring Recruiters: How come we can find candidates for our clients but not ourselves?

This is a big question for one seminar but with the market getting hotter day by day and you anxious to grow your business Danny feels we have to take it on.  This is a Three Step Program….


Step one…Making the Decision to Hire. Is it time? Do I have the capital? Am I doing it for ego? Cause I’m lonely? Cause I want to go into a new market and better a rookie than me? Danny will walk you through a more logical, rational approach. The one he created to build his own large search firm.


Step two…A continuous and disciplined approach to finding recruiters. If you’ve been posting on job boards and that is the extent of your efforts you are to blame for your own turnover. Danny will walk you through a “day planner” for working managers. Oh you thought only recruiters planned? Managers have to be more planned, which is why some of you have difficulties managing and want to run back to your desk.


Step three…Danny will walk you through interviewing techniques for separating the potential from the posers, a two interview process that includes homework and measures closing skills, and a two standardized test approach that Danny lives by. (Secret here is top managers hire by instinct, and our instincts are not sufficient.) We will add on week one onboarding techniques and how to handle the compensation question.


4:15 pm – 4:45 pm = Danny Cahill and Jen Lambert

Live Q & A Session.

Have a burning question they didn’t cover? Now’s your chance. It’s open mike time!

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