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Awards Luncheon and Presentation

  • Thursday, March 22, 2012
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Royal Oaks Country Club
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Sponsored by Careerbuilder, join HAAPC and their guests for our Annual Presentation of Production Awards. Awards Program emceed by Barbara Bruno!

At this event Mr. Chris Skerrett will be discussing a special content offering on the topic of:

Building an Engaging Sales Culture

Selling new services to a larger base of customers is a common goal among staffing and recruiting firms. Building a sales organization that outperforms short-term sales goals and sustains commitment to its long-term mission is both an art and a science. Understanding the personal motivations of individual sales people, communicating clear objectives, and recognizing achievements can help firms establish a culture of winning and create momentum for ongoing sales success.

This session will cover:

• Habits of consistently successful sales organizations.
• Labor pressure and compensation levels for sales professionals, based on different experience levels and geographies.
• Steps firms can take to build a cohesive, unique sales culture.

Presentation for download available here.

$50/ person includes Program, Presentation, and Lunch.

Registration closes
Friday, March 16th!

Check out Career Builder Content offerings for 2012 below.

The CareerBuilder Staffing and Recruiting Group (SRG) is pleased to present its 2012 content offerings.
  Each of the following modules contains 45 minutes of content and allows ten additional minutes for audience questions. To schedule a SRG leader to speak at your event, please contact Natalia Vidmar at

Accelerate: Keeping Pace with Changes in Technology and Recruiting

Technology and communication innovations, like mobile devices and social networking, continue to accelerate the speed of business, altering how staffing firms find candidates and service clients. Being at the forefront of trends matters for staffing firms because they often set the bar for their clients. Staffing clients may have more trust in and award more business to firms that demonstrate they are technology-savvy in day-to-day communications and recruiting tactics. The goal of this session is to increase
awareness of the latest trends that are accelerating the speed of sales, customer service and recruiting.

Participants will:

• Review the latest advances in technology, communication and employment trends and how the three impact each other.
• Evaluate where their firms excel and where they can improve their speed of delivery and response time.
• Learn how to use mobile, search engine optimization, online advertising and social networking to leverage to their
unique strengths.

Data for the Future of Your Firm

Leaders of staffing firms are faced with making critical business decisions every day in an unpredictable economic climate and recruiting landscape that changes constantly. Decisions about how to allocate limited resources, where to invest in advertising for tough-to-fill positions and how much to compensate candidates can make the difference between beating industry averages – or losing business and candidates to competitors. Real-time data that pinpoints exactly where candidates with specific education
and experience levels are located, what they are looking for in employers and how much they make can pave the way for firms to become invaluable advisors to their clients and to get a step ahead of the competition.

This session will examine:

• The types of data that are available to staffing firms today and how it can guide decision making.
• The industries and occupations that are growing and contracting nationally and in your local market.
• Strategies for engaging today’s job candidates based on their industries, preferences and locations.

The 2012 CareerBuilder Experience

While maintaining its leadership position as the nation’s top job board, CareerBuilder has evolved into the leading provider of recruitment advertising and talent intelligence. As an organization, CareerBuilder is committed to ongoing innovation and providing forward-thinking recruiting solutions for staffing firms.

This session will review:

• CareerBuilder’s mission and commitment to its staffing clients.
• What CareerBuilder is doing to promote and partner with the staffing industry in 2012.
• The latest CareerBuilder recruiting tools and solutions and how they benefit staffing clients.

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact: Natalia Vidmar at 773.527.2975
or Natalia.vidmar @careerbuilder .com

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