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Danny Cahill's Intensity Retreat

  • Thursday, August 22, 2013
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • The Red Oak Ballroom (AB) @ The Norris Center in City Centre, 816 Town & Country St #210, Houston, TX 77024
  • 39


  • Due to content - All Day recommended.
  • Due to content, All Day recommended.
  • Due to content - All Day recommended.
  • Due to content - All Day recommended.

Due to content and discussion - Danny Cahill highly recommends the FULL DAY registration option.
Registration is closed

“My full day program usually
is all encompassing, I start
the day discussing the
market and the changes
required to master it,
and then we get specific
and drill down with
skill sets and phraseology
and case studies.
It is more interactive
as the day goes on."


So it is...
A Day with Danny!



Danny Cahill’s
Intensity Retreat


Danny is taking his
Intensity Retreat on the Road…


Danny is famous for his inspiring Keynotes…
SORRY, you’ll have to come motivated.
No keynote


In fact, no lecture, no pre packaged PowerPoint,
Nothing you have heard…
in fact there is NO MATERIAL


Session I


TIME: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm




Here is how it works…


You are requested to fill out a questionnaires in advance - where you tell us what your Daily Desk Issues are!






Danny takes each issue, and yes, he will riff, and yes he will bring to bear his knowledge and freaky mind and his own experience with his World Class Search firm…But YOU participate, with INTENSITY, and over the course of the day, we follow this structure.

For each issue we:

  • Review the Conventional Wisdom and pound the basics in role play and even live call format. 
  • Then we ask honestly if the basics still work or if the market has changed and if we decide it has.
  • We brainstorm new, daring and even crazy ways to do it better. (This is how Danny runs Pinnacle Sessions and how he has created many of the ground breaking methods you have learned from him.)

At our last Intensity Retreat
we created this on demand material:

  • Skill Set Rehab
  • Positive Peer Pressure Panels
  • Rigorous, No Nonsense Role Playing of the “New Normal Objections”
  • Techno Talk with No Sales Pitch (Which tools work?)
  • Email Metrics/Protocols
  • Guest Thought Leaders from Danny’s Unparalleled Network 
  • Balancing phone, research & electronic media for planning
  • Working with and partnering with HR
  • Negotiation approaches to get full fees after years of discounting (by us and the competition)
  • Pitching Retainers
  • Working Social Networks – Which ones work? Which ones suck the life out of you?


"We won’t have to ask you to turn off
your cells, you’ll be too tired
to answer them."
- Danny Cahill







Incomplete questionnaires
will not be used for program.


Does it work?


"This is truly one of the best trainings I have attended. The energy and enthusiasm makes learning fun." - Beth Wheeler


"The passion you have comes through in the training - and I am so excited."  - Shari Davidson


"Never a dull moment! I was engaged 100% of the time due to high energy..."  - Meghan Quirke


"It inspires and motivates, it validates that you can be great at what you do..." - Brandy Estes


Session II


TIME: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm



Are we really talking
about this out loud??


Open/No Holds Barred
Q & A with Danny


Deals, Fall offs, Heartbreak and Heroism


This is Danny as only Pinnacle members and his own recruiters get to see him, in his element, questioning the old ways, reaffirming what works, and tinkering with what doesn’t…


slaughtering Sacred Cows in the name of higher production, and daring to let go of what we already know doesn’t work…


Member pricing is honored for
According to Danny members.

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