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Rob Mosley Virtual Webinar

Monday, May 03, 2021 12:59 PM | Anonymous

Houston, TX (April 27, 2021) The Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants (HAAPC) hosted a virtual webinar for Rob Mosley on Tuesday, April 27th where he discussed the importance of influence when dealing with candidates and clients. 

During the webinar, Rob discusses the following topics:

  • How to better leverage the 7 Sources of Power in every relationship
  • How to effectively communicate your value to your Clients and Candidates
  • How Perception drives Attitude and ultimately, Behaviors with You
  • Ways to differentiate your Firm by Influencing your Clients and Candidates

Influencing the actions of others is the very essence of the staffing and recruiting industry. Understanding how people’s perspectives drive their positions on issues—and, ultimately, their actions—is the key to being influential.

In case you missed this event, watch here now

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