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Check HAAPC's blog periodically for organization news, articles and other information.
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  • Monday, February 20, 2012 3:12 PM | Anonymous
    We would like to thank Mr. Hirsch for the great event last week! Here are just some pictures of the full house! Way to go Neal!

    Get the flash player here:

    We look forward to seeing even more of you for Barbara Bruno's events this March!

  • Wednesday, February 01, 2012 3:59 PM | Anonymous

    Neal Hirsch
    Managing Partner, Richard Wayne & Roberts

    Neal joined Richard, Wayne & Roberts as an executive recruiter in March 1980 and was named a Managing Partner in 1984. During his tenure, the company expanded from a five-desk engineering recruitment firm to a 73-desk firm that recruits professionals in accounting, legal, retail and multi-family real estate, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, healthcare, and engineering. The firm also owns and operates the Carlton companies, which provide contract and temporary personnel in a variety of specialized fields.

    Neal has made countless direct hire professional placements as a recruiter during his career at Richard, Wayne and Roberts, as well as hiring, training, motivating, and managing hundreds of recruiters in diverse specialty teams to successful careers in the recruiting profession.

    He holds a B.S. degree from Ohio State University and a M.S. degree from Xavier University. He has published several articles on the staffing industry and conducted highly acclaimed training seminars for HAAPC and TAPC in Texas, and was a featured speaker at a national conference for NAPS.

    Mr. Hirsch has served on the HAAPC Board of Directors, and supports educational programs and proactive public relations efforts by the personnel consulting industry. In 1998, Neal received the Outstanding Contribution to the Private Placement Industry Award from the Houston Association of Personnel Consultants, and a President’s Award from TAPC in 2004.

    Being the Best!!

    It's 2012, time to be more, accomplish more, and to become the "go-to" Recruiter in your field.  Because of the ease of entry, too many people get into recruiting without a true commitment to this being their profession.  Neal's goal in presenting this class is to share tools to help everyone in attendance move towards becoming just as accomplished in our business as an engineer, accountant or lawyer would be in theirs. 
    • Effective recruiting strategy
    • Uncovering candidate motivation
    • Taking a true recruiting assignment (not just a job order)
    • Closing the deal (deliverability)

    $69/ member
    $85/ non-member (RENEW your membership TODAY!!!)

    Registration closes Monday, February 13th


    The ballots are in and have been tabulated ....

    Sponsored by Careerbuilder, join HAAPC and their guests for our Annual Presentation of Production Awards. Awards Program emceed by Barbara Bruno!

    At this event Career builder will also be doing a special content offering on the topic of:

    Building an Engaging Sales Culture
    Selling new services to a larger base of customers is a common goal among staffing and recruiting firms. Building a sales organization that outperforms short-term sales goals and sustains commitment to its long-term mission is both an art and a science. Understanding the personal motivations of individual sales people, communicating clear objectives, and recognizing achievements can help firms establish a culture of winning and create momentum for ongoing sales success.

    This session will cover:

    • Habits of consistently successful sales organizations.
    • Labor pressure and compensation levels for sales professionals, based on different experience levels and geographies.
    • Steps firms can take to build a cohesive, unique sales culture.

    $50/ person includes Program, Presentation, and Lunch.

    Registration closes
    Friday, March 16th!

    Please head on over to our Events Page to register for these upcoming events!

  • Thursday, January 26, 2012 5:41 PM | Anonymous
    Although the weather was not ideal, we were very excited to see everyone who was able to attend Greg Doersching's event yesterday! Thank you for joining us for the morning/afternoon sessions and for braving out the weather. We really do appreciate it!

    Also a big and wonderful thanks to Mr. Doersching himself for being our amazing speaker for the day!

    Please look forward to

    Neil Hirsch in February and don't forget to check out our

    2011 Annual Production Awards - Worksheets & Ballots  blog to vote for our Awards Luncheon that will be held Thursday, March 22nd at Royal Oaks Country Club featuring Barbara Bruno as our emcee.

  • Monday, January 09, 2012 5:01 PM | Anonymous
    Ballot worksheets are now available!!! 

    General Information.pdf

    Direct Hire Award Worksheet
    DH Placement Award.pdf
    DH Worksheet.xls

    Blended Services Award Worksheet
    Blended Services Award_Rules.pdf
    Blended Services Individual Worksheet.xls
    Blended Services Team Worksheet.xls

    Contract/Temporary Award Worksheet = DEADLINE extended to FEB 14th
    Contract Temp Rules.pdf
    Contract Temp Worksheet.xls

    Electronic ballots will be due no later than 5pm Friday, February 10th.  Mailed or Faxed Worksheets will not be accepted. Ballots are now available online.

    Awards Luncheon will be held Thursday, March 22nd at Royal Oaks Country Club featuring Barbara Bruno as our emcee.
  • Monday, December 19, 2011 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you from HAAPC's Board of Directors for supporting our charities this year!  Our Holiday Party and Silent Auction was a great success and raised almost $1000 for each of our charities.

    Check the photos from the event -

    Thank you notes received from The Center:

    "As always, thank you for your generosity.  It is going to be a real pleasure handing out gifts to all of our clients.  Your donation means everything. -Eva Aguirre, Executive Director:"

    Dear Joni, Judy and Laura, Thank you so very much!  Many of our clients will have another wonderful Christmas because of your generous donations! -Catherine Chandler, Community Relations, Manager"

  • Tuesday, May 03, 2011 9:37 PM | Anonymous
    On April 20, 2011 HAAPC honored Top Winners in our Annual Awards Banquet sponsored by CareerBuilder.  A special thank you to Marc Pactor from CareerBuilder who also emceed the program.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Contract Temporary - Administrative Support
    1st Place = The Eastridge Group
    2nd Place = Staffing Connection, Inc.

    Contract Temporary - Technical/ Professional

    1st Place = Nearterm
    2nd Place = Hailey Canon, Addison Search
    3rd Place = Brandy Hanna, Addison Search
    Outstanding Achievement  = Ultrastaff
    Outstanding Achievement = Janet Clark CPC, Hire Technology
    Outstanding Achievement = Jami Davenport, Addison Search

    Blended Services - Individual - Administrative Support

    1st Place = Jennifer Briscoe, The Hiring Source
    2nd Place = Meredith Clem, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    3rd Place = Cynthia Zeglin, Staffing Connection, Inc.
    4th Place = Marlies Ledbetter, Burnett Staffing Specialists

    Blended Services - Individual - Technical/ Professional
    1st Place = Kevin Gwinn, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    2nd Place = Erin Moore, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    3rd Place = Sarah Smith, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    4th Place = Shelley Blount, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    5th Place = Janet Clark CPC, Hire Technology
    6th Place = Judy Diamond, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    7th Place = Teresa Fisher, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    8th Place = Joel Parker, Burnett Staffing Specialists
    9th Place = Rhonda McPhail, Burnett Staffing Specialists

    Blended Services - Team - Administrative Support

    1st Place = ExecuTeam Staffing

    Blended Services - Team - Technical/ Professional
    1st Place = Physician Resources
    2nd Place = Whitaker IT
    3rd Place = Whitaker Medical
    Outstanding Achievement = Addison Search
    Outstanding Achievement = Team 1 Medical
    Outstanding Achievement = Steverson Accounting Professionals

    Direct Hire - Administrative Support

    1st Place = MK Stalder, Burnett Staffing Specialists

    Direct Hire - Technical/ Proessional
    1st Place = Gladney Darroh, Piper Morgan & Associates
    2nd Place = Mark Dremely CPC, Richard Wayne & Roberts
    3rd Place = Truett Allen, Richard Wayne & Roberts
    4th Place = Janet O'Neal, Richard Wayne & Roberts
    5th Place = Ken McQueen, Richard Wayne & Roberts
    6th Place = Nicole Self, Richard Wayne & Roberts
    7th Place = Carol Wenom, Whitaker Companies
    8th Place = Sean Mclain, Employer Flexible
    9th Place = Eric Holzer CPC Richard Wayne & Roberts
    10th Place = Sajiah Chmaitelli, Addison Search
  • Monday, March 21, 2011 6:48 PM | Anonymous

    In February, NAPS Trainers held a CIC Immersion Day for those individuals interested in earning their CTS or CPC Certification.  HAAPC is pleased to announce a 100% success rate in the training course.  The following individuals have earned their respected designation:


    CPC - Certified Personnel Consultant

    Sarah Golden, Qualitec

    Maria Hale, Qualitec

    Ginger Jiminez

    Casie Luke, Qualitec

    Cathi Mitchell, Deacon Recruiting

    Cynthia Navarro, Deacon Recruiting

    Katie Villarreal, Deacon Recruiting


    CTS - Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist

    Kelly DeRemer, Riverway Business Services

    Kristen Gaustad, Whitaker

    John Maisonville, Whitaker

    Wendy Sommer, Whitaker


    Special thank you to Sue Burnett and Burnett Staffing for hosting this special event!


  • Saturday, February 12, 2011 10:01 PM | Anonymous
    Welcome to HAAPC's new website.  With your 2011 membership to HAAPC you will receive a member login.  Please be patient as we try to learn the new system that we feel will be the best communication tool for our members!
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