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  • Thursday, November 08, 2018 1:44 PM | Anonymous

    Join Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants' Holiday Party 

    Thursday, November 29, 2018 6pm-9pm

    McCormick & Schmick's Town & Country 

    791 Town & Country Blvd., 

    Houston, Texas 77024

    Bring an unwrapped toy for CPS BEAR Gifts Program or Personal care products for The Center Houston. Check out the list below for inspiration! 

    BEARing-Gifts-Toy-Drive-flyer-2 2.pdf


  • Monday, September 17, 2018 9:40 AM | Anonymous

    Often times, Human Resources departments are seen as places to avoid for Search Firms.  But in reality, building positive working relations with the Corporate HR group is a key to success.   In this session, we will bring Corporate Human Resources/Talent Acquisition specialists together in a panel discussion format for a candid dialog on effectively working with outside agencies;

    • What does HR look for in selecting an outside search firm?

    • How can a search firm best communicate its fees and terms to a company?

    • What are the biggest “turn-offs” and “turn-ons” when working with a search firm?

    • How do I demonstrate to you that I am “different” from another staffing firm?

    • What challenges exist as an internal recruiter that affect you in partnering with an outside firm?

    • Why is there often resistance in connecting outside recruiters with hiring managers?

    Facilitated by Mike Kahn, currently an executive recruiter at the Lucas Group and with 22 years of prior experience in corporate HR, this will be a unique and interactive session you won’t want to miss!

  • Thursday, July 12, 2018 12:01 PM | Anonymous

    “How To Decode Clients’ Questions and Beliefs About Staffing Services”, August 9, 2018

    This information-packed session will teach you the “word tracks” for responding to common questions and concerns of your clients. Subjects will include co-employment, criminal background checks, assignment limits, treatment of assigned employees, health coverage mandates, FLSA exemptions, independent contractors, payrolling, VMS/MSP, indemnity, applicant tracking and much more.

    No charge for HAAPC Owner/Manager members + 1 guest

    George Reardon is an employment lawyer whose Houston-based national practice focuses on serving staffing firms. He has been General Counsel of several national/international staffing firms, a board member of industry associations, and is a frequent writer and speaker on staffing issues.

  • Tuesday, May 01, 2018 12:31 PM | Anonymous

    So you have more sendouts?  Check that box! More jobs? Natch!  But the industry is dangerously close to a 20% fall out rate and there are more turndowns than ever.  Worse, fees are dropping when the demand for our services is at an all-time high.  What the heck is going on?!

    Training is nonexistent in most firms.  It is woefully outdated in the rest.  Have you upgraded your scripts or addressed the changing values and communication techniques of your audiences?

    Don’t worry, Danny’s got your back!  He’ll update what is timeless and show you original methods and word tracks.   

    Danny Cahill started at Hobson Associates right out of college. He became its Rookie of the Year, top producer and general manager by the age of 26. At 27 he bought the company and built it into one of the country's largest search firms specializing in Software Sales, Bio Tech Sales and Industrial Sales talent. He is the only industry “guru” that runs a search firm every day. He does what you do.

    He was elected to the NAPS Hall of Fame in 2006, and also received the Dave Knutson Lifetime Achievement Award. HireAbility overwhelmingly voted him the industry’s most popular speaker. was awarded “Best-In-Class” for Training Excellence from MRINetwork.

  • Thursday, April 12, 2018 10:32 AM | Anonymous

    Taking the Pain out of Negotiation!

    A MUST for anyone who sells in the staffing/recruitment industry!

    Have you ever walked a prospect through the sales process all the way to taking the job order only to have them say, “Your price is too high”?

    How about when the first thing they say to you is, “Can you beat this price (competitor quote)? If not, no need for us to talk further!”

    If you are tired of this happening, this workshop is for you! During our lunch session, you will learn:

    • 8 ways to position yourself for a positive negotiation, or no negotiation at all!
    • An easy to remember 3-step technique to successfully navigate the conversation when you hear that dreaded response “Your price is too high!” 
    • How to negotiate for higher margins

    Annette Monks, CTS, President of Carlton Staffing, will conduct this session. As a seasoned salesperson in staffing, she has real world experience in dealing with prospects of all sizes, industries and disciplines.  Annette has served as a consultant to the staffing industry teaching sales and management and volunteers in the community teaching and coaching in the job placement field where she applies the same sales principles for job seekers.  

  • Tuesday, March 20, 2018 2:21 PM | Anonymous

    HAAPC presents a Top Biller Panel with award winners from the 2018 Awards Banquet sharing their secrets for success.  This event will be held at Tulane University on April 19th from 11:30am-1:30pm. The top ranked producers from the HAAPC awards banquet will tell you what they are doing to set themselves apart and consistently keep their activity and billing high!  This will be an open forum where you can ask questions such as:

    • How they really get their job orders
    • What they say on a job order call to gain a client's trust and eliminate competition
    • How they negotiate to come away with a win-win
    • Activity level metrics necessary to gain a job order
    • Their actual recruiting script
    • How they schedule their day
    • Their email/phone techniques
        ...and lots more! 

    The employment market has changed, and you must acquire a new set of best practices in order to remain competitive. Come learn from the best of the best, and find out what they’re doing to adapt to this candidate-driven environment.

    We hope to see you there!

  • Monday, March 12, 2018 7:00 AM | Anonymous

    On March 9, 2018 the Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants (HAAPC) recognized the achievements of their members by hosting the 36th Annual Awards Program. HAAPC is a professional trade association dedicated to promoting high standards in business practices and state of the art educational programs for members of the staffing and recruiting industry. Held at The Junior League of Houston and emceed by Barb Bruno, the Annual Awards program announced and celebrated the production winners among HAAPC members within various categories. Congratulations!



    Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

    George Reardon – HAAPC Board, Legal Counsel

    Outstanding Contribution to the Association

    Jessica Wheeler – Burnett Specialists

    Lifetime Member

    Mike Lejeune – Allen Austin

    Community Service Award

    Truett Allen – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts



    Contract/Temporary Placement-Light Industrial Team Award

    1st PLACE =   Burnett Specialists, Alcon Team*

    Leila Khosravipour – Lindsey Rodriguez – Michelle Flores – Rebeca Diaz

    2nd PLACE =  Carlton Staffing – Southeast Division

    Chris Lowry – Felicia Ruiz – Brittany DeLuna

    3rd PLACE =  Burnett Specialists – Southeast Division

    Heidi Roe – Daniela Ramirez

    Contract/Temporary Placement-Administrative Support Team Award

    1st PLACE =   Nearterm Corporation*

    Gayle Tapps – Matthew Watson

    2nd PLACE =  Burnett Specialists, Northwest Division*

    Patsy Ford – Patti Villarreal

    3rd PLACE =  Burnett Specialists, Teleskills Division*

    Krista Clements – Elpida Routsas

    Contract/Temporary Placement-Technical/Professional Team Award

    1st PLACE =   UltraStaff*

    Jolyn West Schierman – Kelly Holter – Brenda Rodriguez – Andrenette Cox-Nyatome – Eloisa Rodriguez – Marquita Orr – Rosa Richards

    Contract/Temporary Placement-Light Industrial Individual Award

    1ST PLACE = Carlton Staffing**

    LaDonna Hatton

    Contract/Temporary Placement-Technical/Professional Individual Award

    1ST PLACE = Professional Alternatives*

    James Criswell


    Blended Services-Light Industrial Division-Team Awards

    1ST PLACE= Carlton Staffing – Southwest**

    Beth Hammond – Candace Gaskin – Sara Lozano – Katie Sechrist

    2nd PLACE= Carlton Staffing – Northwest

    Stephen Horton – Ashleigh Kraatz – Nicole LaPoint – LaDonna Hatton – Amanda McCauley

    Blended Services-Administrative Support-Team Award

    1st PLACE = Professional Alternatives – Professional Search Group*

    Sue Bragg – Christine Norris

    2nd PLACE = Burnett Specialists – Westchase*

    Carmen Albertson – Katy Logan

    3rd PLACE = Burnett Specialists – Woodlands*

    Hope Simmons – Natacha Corley

    4th PLACE = Burnett Specialists – Greenway/Downtown*

    Toni Altom – Jennifer Chu – Ashlynn Henry – Michelle Waldron

    Blended Services-Technical/Professional-Team Awards

    1st PLACE =   Burnett Specialists – Accounting*

    Krystal Brod – Nicole Stoker

    2nd PLACE = Physician Resources, Inc.*

    Rebecca Orzabal – Angela Garcia – Consuelo Franklin – Catherine Selvaggi – Bronti Phillips – Pattie Fudge

    3rd PLACE = Professional Alternatives – Credit & Risk Group

    James Criswell – Donna Stewart – Rodney Schwab – Roger Reyna

    Blended Services-Light Industrial-Individual Awards

    1st PLACE = Carlton Staffing

    Katie Sechrist**

    2nd PLACE = Carlton Staffing

    Felicia Ruiz**

    3rd PLACE = Carlton Staffing

    Sara Lozano**

    Blended Services-Administrative Support-Individual Awards

    1st PLACE =   Professional Alternatives

    Christine Norris*

    2nd PLACE = Professional Alternatives

    Sue Bragg*

    3rd PLACE = Professional Alternatives

    Joanne Gierspeck

    Blended Services-Technical/Professional-Individual Awards

    1st PLACE =  Molly Gutierrez – Burnett Specialists*

    2nd PLACE = Shelley Ray – Burnett Specialists*

    3rd PLACE = Terry Fisher – Burnett Specialists*

    4th PLACE = Kevin Gwinn – Burnett Specialists*

    5th PLACE = Caitlin Spellings – Burnett Specialists*

    6th PLACE = Meredith Clem – Burnett Specialists*

    7th PLACE = Sarah Terry – Burnett Specialists*

    8th PLACE = Amanda McNeil – Burnett Specialists*

    9th PLACE = Jennifer Gibbs – Burnett Specialists

    Direct Hire – Light Industrial

    1st PLACE =  Josh Beasley – MK Personnel

    Direct Hire - Administrative Support

    1st PLACE =  Ashley Golden – Burnett Specialists*

    2nd PLACE =  Brandy Lowrey – Burnett Specialists*

    3rd PLACE =  Charise Spedale – Burnett Specialists*

    4th PLACE = Elithia Marshi – MK Personnel

    5th PLACE = Dana Schneider –  Burnett Specialists

    6th PLACE = Susan Stone – Burnett Specialists

    7th PLACE = Shannon Holloman – Burnett Specialists

    8th PLACE = Stephanie King – MK Personnel

    9th PLACE = Elle Cavatore – Burnett Specialists

    Direct Hire - Technical/Professional

    1st PLACE =   Mark Dremely, CPC – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts**

    2nd PLACE =  Nicole Self – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts**

    3rd PLACE =   Truett Allen – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts**

    4th PLACE =   Ken McQueen – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*

    5th PLACE =   Lisa Martin – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*

    6th PLACE =   Kyle Williams – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*

    7th PLACE =   Stacie Beaujeaux – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*

    8th PLACE =   Denise Miller – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*

    9th PLACE =   Rodney Schwab – Professional Alternatives*

    10th PLACE =  Alexis Rogers, CPC – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*

    11th PLACE =  Gina Ricci – Qualitec*

    12th PLACE =  Roger Reissig – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*  

    13th PLACE =  Amy Adams – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*  

    14th PLACE =  Tania Killebrew – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*  

    15th PLACE =  Eric Holzer – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts*

    16th PLACE =  Robert Doyle – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

    17th PLACE =  Kurt Dawson – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

    18th PLACE =  Francisco Ardila – Professional Alternatives

    19th PLACE =  Stephanie Johnson – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

    20th PLACE =  Lauren Vigil - Qualitec

    Top Forty =  Pat Brown – Qualitec

    Top Forty =  Josh Burke – Qualitec

    Top Forty =  Lindsay Poisel – Qualitec

    Top Forty =  Stacy Johnson – Qualitec

    Top Forty =  Kristi Pickett – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

    Top Forty =  Nicole Appleaum – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

    Top Forty =  Kelly Thomas – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

    Top Forty =  Janet O’Neal – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

    Top Forty =  Ruth Schlanger – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

    Top Forty =  Cheryl Norton – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

    Top Forty =  Susan Benson – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

    Top Forty =  Neshia Plair – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

    Top Forty =  Cathy Henry – MK Personnel

    Top Forty =  Roger Reyna – Professional Alternatives

    Top Forty =  Gary Bryson – Nearterm



    Nicole Applebaum – Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018 8:30 AM | Anonymous member


    a mental attitude or inclination 


    Research has proven that your mindset will have a huge impact on what barriers you break in 2018. Join HAAPC on Thursday, February 22nd, for our Mindset 2018 Conference for Search and Temporary Staffing Professionals. Three nationally renowned speakers will share strategies and ideas you can immediately implement on your desk the next day:

    • How the mindset of top recruiters in the industry drives production to new heights
    • Recruiting techniques that increase speed and accuracy in finding candidates in high demand markets 
    • How do leading sales professionals win more deals and strengthen relationships 
    • Don’t just plan…learn key ways to insure it’s executed

    Bonus: a Q & A Panel discussion with three Search and staffing firm leaders providing real time perspective on what it takes to succeed in 2018’s emerging market.

  • Tuesday, December 12, 2017 10:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The HAAPC is happy to announce our 2017 award banquet nomination forms are now available online!  We have the Individual, Team, and Community Service ballot links below. You do still have to complete a new ballot for each employee you nominate and each team you nominate, but we hope this is a faster, easier, more accurate way to nominate your employees. Once you have completed your nominations, please email so that we can send you an invoice for your company's ballots.

    Details of our annual banquet will be coming soon with information regarding the exact date, time, and event location.

    Individual Ballot Link

    Team Ballot Link

    Community Service Ballot Link


    All nomination ballots must be entered into the online ballot system and invoice payments received by January 26th. 

    Any questions may be addressed to

    We look forward to celebrating the successes of 2017 with you!


    Thank You and Good Luck!


  • Wednesday, November 29, 2017 12:36 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The NAPS 2018 Conference is the premier education opportunity representing the search, recruiting and staffing industry. More than 400 attendees are expected to attend this year’s annual event, which will be help November 4-6, 2018 in Bonita Springs FL at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa.

    HAAPC Members will receive a 10% discount off of the NAPS Non-Member Pricing.  To take advantage of the 10% discount, please email  Offer expires March 30, 2018.

    Click here to learn more about the 2018 NAPS Conference


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